An Adoraboo new way to learn from home

School canceled? No problem! Now you can embark on a learning adventure from home with your new pals, the Adoraboos! Play minigames to build your vocabulary, then put those skills to the test solving assertion tests in a friendly balloon-popping battle.

Gain levels in subjects such as SAT prep, Computer Operations, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Social and Emotional Learning, and Networking, in order to unlock more words and earn more stickers for your customizable Sticker Book collection!


A simple, engaging set of minigames that teach technical vocabulary concepts through a variety of learning methods


Play with vocabulary and learn concepts though multiple modalities. It's so effortless, it won't feel like studying!


Learnand recallcomplex technical concepts through proven methods of discovery and repetition

About the Games

The Adoraboos appeals to gamers of all ages. It's a simple concept: play minigames within an ever growing collection of learning modules, increase technical vocabulary, and build a broad cumulative knowledge base.

The Adoraboos is free to play, and uses proven methods of learning and retention to offer an "Adoraboo" way to learn through play and repetition.

Word Dragger
Drag through  game pieces to form the highlighted word and build your vocabulary and word recognition.

Assemble the definition for the highlighted word from assorted phrase fragment tiles.

Test your knowledge of topic-specific technical words! Unscramble the word from the highlighted assortment of letters on screen.

Quiz Game
Answer the quiz by correctly associating the word with the highlighted definition.

Once you have gathered enough points through your vocabulary games, you'll have the chance to pit your Adoraboo against the computer's in an epic balloon popping battle! If you win, you'll have a chance to spin the wheel for upgrades and collectibles.