What is Jewelz Red?

Jewelz Red is an ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) utility\coin developed for use with blockchain education games

Games Make Learning About Blockchain Fun

Jewelz Red can be earned in mobile games, where The Adoraboos make learning fun! Users receive a Jewelz Red address & start earning Jewelz Red as they play, at no cost to the player

Educational Opportunities

Users learn vocaulary through a variety of educational games, earning Jewelz Red for solving games and quizzes. The more you learn, the more you earn

Jewelz Diamond

Jewelz Diamond (currently in development) is a patent-pending cryptocurrency that can be mined with a standard laptop or desktop computer


Our unique platform makes learning about blockchain easy with a mobile-friendly educational experience that’s based on P.L.A.Y.

Play: problem-solving minigames and fun creature battles for teaching content

Learn: vocabulary and concepts for a variety of topics

Advance: in the game by unlocking new NFT creatures

Yield: NFTs that can be earned through gameplay!