It's a Blockchain World

Young people are increasingly living in a world of the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are becoming a bigger part of finance and ownership. These concepts are becoming the bedrock of the new digital literacy.

The Adoraboos gives young people the tools to build an understanding of vocabulary and concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Games That Teach

The Adoraboos is a mobile app that playfully teaches blockchain concepts using multiple learning modalities through micro games. It Incentivizes the playful learning with a game that’s simple, broadly accessible, and that itself utilizes the blockchain

Key Differentiators:

  • Safe onboarding to cryptocurrency
  • Playful learning about blockchain/cryptocurrency
  • Incentivized learning with our ERC 20
  • Battle your ERC 721 Adoraboos against other players!
Play for Fun

A deceptively simple puzzle game with a unique twist. Drag matching puzzle tiles to trigger rewards to release the Adoraboo creatures. Earn rare Adoraboos and upgrades as you play.

Crypto for Real

While you play, you'll have a chance to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Increase your knowledge of crypto and advance your game.

Get Paid to Play

Earn real crypto as you play and learn! Jewelz can be traded in for gold and used in-game to unlock new opportunities and fun upgrades.

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Game Details

The Adoraboos appeals to gamers of all ages. It’s a simple drag three game that is simple and fun to play!

There’s also an educational aspect to the game: players learn about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as they progress.

About the Game

The game board consists of inky creatures known as Horriboos. They live in the dark and lonely places of the world, like the corner of your basement, or that hidden closet full of junk. You are the hero of this story--an Adoraboo--working to make the board a happier place! If you don’t stop a Horriboo, they’ll eat their way through all of the resources of the board. To stop them, and win the level, you must drag three or more of an item to satisfy their hunger. This will make the Horriboo happy, and free the friendly Adoraboo trapped inside from its fate.

Players can earn or purchase power-ups, like Adorabrew, or a trampoline, for more gameplay fun, and give their Adoraboo extra power.

In The Adoraboos, it Pays to Play!

Besides learning about cryptocurrency in the game, players have the chance to earn it for themselves in the form of our exclusive crypto: Jewlez Red.

Jewelz Red can be earned by playing the game, and by successfully answering the learning module questions. It can then be exchanged for in-game gold to unlock new opportunities. But in The Adoraboos, you can’t just buy your way through the game. You’ll have to earn your way to the top! Spending gold can help you get there faster, but it can’t buy results.

The Adoraboos is free to play, with a small fee to unlock the in-game purchasing possibilities. The currency used in-game is gold, which you accumulate simply by playing the game, or by exchanging Jewelz Red. Players can choose to spend Jewelz Red on gold for in-game opportunities or cash them out by converting to other crypto or fiat currencies.

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