Play for Fun, Mine for Real

A Familiar Puzzle Game with a Twist. Get Paid to Play!

Drag a path across tiles of the same type and trigger reactions, and rewards that support your Utopia and the Adoraboos that live there. Gameplay is easy to understand, but deceptively strategic. Fun and engaging, and perfect to play with friends!

While you play, you can mine for real Jewelz cryptocurrency through our JewelzMiner. You can keep most of what you earn, and also use it to make more upgrades. 

It's an Adoraboo World

In AllMine, you can build Utopias and populate them with Adoraboos.  Adoraboos are the cute creatures you earn as you play the game. You'll start with a dragon, and add on a unicorn, a kitten or a polar bear (with more to come!)

As you play, you can earn the things that make them happy, like food and treats. Your Adoraboos will respond with excitement as you are playing and earning rewards. You can even send them on expeditions, which allows you level up your game.

Play for Fun

A deceptively simple puzzle game with a unique twist. Drag matching puzzle tiles to trigger rewards that support your utopia and Adoraboo creatures. Earn enough and send one on an expedition.

Mine for Real

While you play, and even while doing other stuff with your computer, the JewelzMiner is going to work for you! It uses only a small amount of power, and can run on a regular home computer.

Get Paid to Play

You get to keep most of the Jewelz cryptocurrency that you mine. Jewelz can be used in-game to unlock new opportunities and upgrades.

More About Jewelz

Game Details

AllMine is designed to appeal to gamers of all ages. It’s simple to get started, but the game contains several viral elements to keep you coming back for more fun and Jewelz.

There’s also an educational aspect to the game: players will learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as they progress.

The game consists of three primary components:

1: Mini-games  used to earn turns for mining within the game
2: Mining game  used to gain resources (eggs)
3: Utopias  your very own low-poly 3D environment to house your ‘Adoraboos’

Each mini-game can be played for about 10 minutes, then must ‘cooldown’ for several hours before users can play it again. This prevents overactive players from gaming the system and hoarding Jewelz. Players can only mine with the turns they’ve earned through mini-games. You’ll earn a maximum of about 25 mining turns during a single mini-game session. Players collect eggs during the mining process, which can then be used to hatch new Adoraboos in your Utopia. These cute little creatures rely on you to feed and entertain them.

If your Utopia starts to get crowded, you can get more Utopias to house your growing Adoraboo collection. You can also upgrade your Utopias with tons of aesthetic add-ons that are unlocked through gameplay or purchased with Jewelz.AllMine is fun for all skills levels. Playing the game well is rewarded with additional resources, but playing poorly is never punished. 

An example of a Utopia, complete with penguins, a cozy igloo, a snowman, and a polar bear (this one’s hard to spot!).There’s also an important social aspect to the game. You can visit your friend’s Utopia via their gaming ID and invite your friends to visit yours.

When you join a friend’s Utopia, you can play any mini-game – even if the game is in a cooldown period in your account. By playing a mini-game in a friend’s Utopia you also unlock the game for your friend, so they can start playing and stop waiting for it to cooldown.

So the more friends you have in the game, the more mini-games you can play and hence the more Jewelz you can earn.

In AllMine, it really does pay to have friends!

But here’s where things get really interesting …If you get bored of your Utopia or want to upgrade to something better, you can trade with another player OR battle in a winner-takes-all match for their Utopia.

In a battle, the player with the most highly upgraded Utopia will have a better chance of winning. But it still comes down to chance, so anybody could win.

When two players agree to battle, both of their Utopias are taken out of circulation. The winner’s Utopia returns in 1 day, 1 level higher than before the battle started. The loser’s Utopia becomes active again in 3 days, with no change in level. The losers can also opt to spend Jewelz to speed up the regeneration of their Utopia.

Jewelz can be used in-game to unlock new opportunities. But in AllMine, unlike other popular freemium games like Clash of Clans, you can’t just buy your way through the game. You’ll have to earn your way to the top. Spending Jewelz can help you get there faster, but it buy results.

AllMine is free to play. The only currency used in-game is Jewelz, which you accumulate simply by playing the game. Players can choose to spend Jewelz on in-game opportunities or cash them out by converting to other crypto or fiat currencies.

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